[IAPLC2018] Making of Tank vo3 Trimming and Completion

This article introduces the aquariums exhibited at the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2018.

vo3 will explain the Trimming and Completion.

It is easy to understand for beginners.
Please read until the end!

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The Trimming

1th Trimming

The first trimming is over.
The completed form is already visible.

Trimming is the process of shaping the aquatic plants.
One of the fun things about aquatic plants is trimming.

The work of shaping is very fun!

I added “white stones” because the foreground was boring.
It ’s not good.


The road was completely covered with aquatic plants.
Cut to remove aquatic plants.

The road must be frequently trimmed. Otherwise there will be no road!

The Repeat trimming

After 2 weeks, aquatic plants grow.
Trim again to increase the density of the aquatic plants.
By repeating the trimming, you control its density.

This is after the third trimming.
If you look closely, you will notice that the density of aquatic plants is increasing.
I mixed a red stone with a white stone in the foreground.
It looks natural because of the stones and colors of the composition material.
Yup. Good feeling!

The Backscreen

The blue board behind the tank is an “acrylic board”.
I decided to make it a blue gradation this time.

When shooting, you can create a beautiful gradation by applying a strobe from the back.

The Fish

  • Pethia padamya
  • Aplocheilichthys normani

I decided on two kinds of fish.

From the results, it would have been better to add more. .
It is a reflection point.

Even if you put fish right before shooting, it’s not beautiful.
Let ’s shoot the fish after finishing it for a long time.
If you have a stock tank, the fish can be finished there.

The Last trimming

Last trimming

I did the last trimming.

All you have to do is shoot.

I ask a professional to shoot.
Although very expensive, the quality of the photos is very good.

The quality of the photo affects the ranking. If you have a good work, you should ask a professional to shoot.

The Complete


The Data

Equipment used

Tank size120cm x 60cm x 60cm
FilterEHEIM 2217,2215
Co24 drops / second
SubstrateWhite sand, platinum soil (made in Japan)


Lighting time12hours / day
Water change50% / 2week
production periodfor 4 month