How to raise the substrate using pumice

This article introduces “How to raise the substrate using pumice”.

It is very easy because you put the Pumice stone in the Laundry Wash Bag and put it under “soil or gravel”.

If there is no height on the substrate, there will be no “depth”. Therefore, I want to serve as high as possible.

If you use the method I will explain from now on, it will be easy and reasonable.

Things need to be prepared

Only two things are prepared.

Both items are in hardware store.

  1. Pumice
  2. Laundry Wash Bag



Originally used in the bottom of a flower pot.

You can find it in the gardening corner of the hardware store.

The recommended size is about 15mm ~ 20mm.

Laundry Wash Bag

Laundry Wash Bag

You can find it in the laundry corner of the hardware store.

There are various types according to the size, so you should decide according to the size of the tank.

How to make

Pumice in the laundry net → Close the chuck

Very easy!
“Pumice in the laundry net → Close the chuck”
Only this.

It is more convenient to make a lot of “small bags” than to make one big bag.

What size and quantity?

  • 1L bag
  • 2L bag
  • 5L bag
  • 10L bag

If you prepare each size in this way, aquascaping will progress.

As an example, I made a list. Please try to reference.

Size1L bag2L bag5L bag10L bag

Examples of using

raise the substrate
raise the substrate
raise the substrate
raise the substrate

Tank size “120cm x 60cm x 60cm”
I used about 10L bags x 3 and 5L bags x 4.

I wanted to pile up round river stones so that it doesn’t roll. It feels like a “pillow” with a small stone in the net. Just put a stone on top to stabilize it.

Example using bricks

using bricks
using bricks

There is also a method of raising the substrate using bricks.
This is also easy because it is just arranged at the bottom of the tank.

Brick has the same shape as “laundry net + pumice stone”, so a more stable foundation can be made. Brick is more stable when using “flat stones” as in the example. Please use them according to your idea.

Pros and Cons

  • Economical
  • Easy to set up and clear the tank
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Nothing!
  • Nothing!!
  • Nothing!!!

Pros description


No matter what you say, Justice is cheap.

And you can use it again and again.

You don’t have to buy a lot of soil each time you make a new Aquascape.

Easy to set up and clear the tank

Easy to move because it is in a bag.

Really wonderful is the time to clear the tank.Just take the bag out of the tank.

You can throw away the shovel!

Easy height adjustment

It is harder to collapse than just making soil.

Therefore, it is possible to make a higher aquascape.

I think the height of the substrate is an important point because it creates a depth in the aquascape !

Cons description


There is nothing.

If I had to say, If the Laundry Wash Bag is broken, it must be replaced.